This 15-Year-Old Streamer Throws A Rave Every Time They Get A Kill

We all like to celebrate when we get a kill, but this Twitch streamer has taken it all the way to the next level by throwing a rave with every kill [via GamingBible].

The streamer is Crossmauz from Germany. His setup allows him to control pyrotechnics, laser lights, dance music and more from his desk. He usually simply streams parties, but he does occasionally play Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and celebrate kills with his raves. One can only imagine how his parents and his neighbours feel about the constant noise coming from his room every single night. The lights make it look like he’s constantly being visited by police.

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Is Twitch Rave a new streamer meta?

Twitch streamers are known for their various different ways of celebrating and interacting with new viewers, and Crossmauz is no different. This event going viral means that Crossmauz will likely gain a lot of followers, a lot of media attention, and a lot of new subscribers. He’s likely very happy with the news picking up on this wonderful display. While it’s extremely flashy, and perhaps over the top, it certainly made gave me a chuckle. At the end of the day, isn’t that all that matters?

What do you think about this celebration? Do you think it’s too far? Or do you think it’s quite cool? Let us know!

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