EPOS Sennheiser H6 Pro Gaming Headset Review | Your Next Gaming Headset?

Aside from picking the right mouse and keyboard, choosing a good pair of headphones is just as important. It’s vital that you find the right headset for your gaming needs, especially if you’re a competitive gamer looking to upgrade your sound quality. If that’s you, then you can’t overlook the EPOS H6 Pro headet.  I’ve … Read more

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Morbius Movie Review: The Worst Comic Book Film in Years

Morbius Movie Review: The Worst Comic Book Film in Years

For a fair few years now, groups of moviegoers have criticised Disney-backed Marvel films for having a cookie cutter quality. While each standalone adventure or superhero team-up has its own unique traits and twists adapting the characters at play, each movie follows a certain template of style and tone – allowing these features to blend … Read more

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller Review | ‘Shockingly Good’

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The Batman Review

The Batman Movie Review | ‘The Good, The Bat, and The Ugly’

Even under the scope of The Batman review, its production story is almost as fascinating as the film itself. Over 9 years of development, we saw a change in stars, directors, and producers – all with the departure of Ben Affleck. With new director, Matt Reeves, later announcing a rework of the story and removing … Read more