Is Gaming a sport

Is Gaming A Sport? – Let’s Look At The Facts

Is Gaming a sport? It’s a valid question whilst trying to figure out how big million-pound prize pots and sold out arenas are compensated by competitive games of first-person shooters, fighters, and MOBA titles. Some people think it’s madness that this so much interest in gamers to the point where they’ll go to a venue … Read more

Esports To Be Trialled At The Commonwealth Games Event

Esports is going to be trialled at this year’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, as part of a separate event run alongside the Games. The “Commonwealth Esports Championships” will run alongside the Games in summer, but it will have separate branding and medals. Some hope the championship will later become a full part of the Games … Read more

xQc Accidentally Leaks Overwatch 2 Live On Stream

xQc recently gave us our first glimpse at the Overwatch 2 experience when he accidentally loaded it up live on stream. There’s a beta due to drop in April this year for Overwatch 2, and Overwatch League players already have access to the beta in order to practice. It turns out, xQc is one of … Read more

Valorant Patch Notes 4.04 – Omen Buff Changes Detailed

The 4.04 patch notes for Valorant have dropped, and it’s looking like the Omen Agent is set to see a massive buff with the new changes. Omen is a Controller Agent, so he’s excellent at controlling the flow of fights. He’s a super pick for most teams, usually always making his way into Agent compositions. … Read more

Inside McLaren Shadow, The F1 Team’s Latest Esports Drive

When McLaren invites you down to its Tech Centre to check out its esports training facility, it would be frightfully rude to say no. The GameByte and FragHero teams were lucky enough to receive such an invite earlier this month with a promised tour of its Woking HQ. For two motorsport heads like myself and … Read more