How To Format SD Card On Mac

There are a few different reasons to want to learn how to format SD card on Mac. You may have a new SD card to format, or you might be having issues with the one you have and want to do a reset.

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How to Format SD Card on Mac

It is relatively easy and quick to reformat an SD card on your mac, and we are going to go through the process so you can easily know how to do so!

How To Format SD Card On Mac
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Insert Face Down – How to format SD Card on Mac

If your Mac has an SD card slot, insert the SD card, metal connector contacts facing down, into the slot. If you have a MicroSD card that you are looking to format, you will need to use a microSD to SD card adapter first. If you do not have a SD card slot, you will need to get an external SD card reader with the ability to read and write the SD Card. 

How To Format SD Card On Mac
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Save – How to format SD Card on Mac

Save and back up any of the data you want to keep on your SD card. When you format your SD card, it will erase everything, so ensure you have what you want to be saved separately.

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Disk Utility – How to format SD Card on Mac

You will now need to open the Disk Utility tool. This can be done by clicking GO then Utilities from the Finder menu bar, then clicking on Disk Utility. You can go to your Applications folder in your Dock, then select the Utility folder and select Disk Utility.

The third way to do this is to open Spotlight Search, and type Disk Utility, then select Disk Utility from the list. Select your SD Card on Disk Utility, on the left side of the panel and give your SD card a name.

How To Format SD Card On Mac
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Security Level

You can now choose the security level for cleaning the card if you’d like. This is done by clicking Erase in the toolbar at the top of the window. This will open the Security Options. There are four options there, which you can read through and decide which one you want. 

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Select the format you’d like to use from the drop-down list. If you are using this SD card with a digital camera or if the SD card is 32GB or less, you will want to select MS-DOS (FAT), otherwise, you will select ExFAT, then hit Erase. 

Allow the process to take place, then hit Done. In Disk Utility, you will then want to click Eject, which should be on the right side of the card name. After you have hit Eject, you can unplug your SD card and use it! 

That’s it, your SD card should be erased and formatted, ready for use!

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