Twitch Streamer Alinity Explains Why OnlyFans Convinced Her To Join

Twitch Streamer Alinity has been through a lot in her time online, and she’s recently spoken out on why she chose to join OnlyFans. Alinity has been very public about her mental health issues, suffering with depression, bipolar disorder, anorexia and bulimia. In addition to all that, she’s extremely public about how difficult it is … Read more

Pokimane Net Worth 2022

Pokimane Net Worth 2022: How Much Has The Twitch Golden Girl Earned?

Pokimane has been streaming on the Twitch platform almost since the very start and is now one of the most popular streamers on the planet – but how much is her total net worth? Click here to read more about Pokimane! Pokimane Net Worth – Twitch Career Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys began her Twitch career in … Read more


Streamers Speak Out As Twitch Doesn’t Acknowledge Arab Heritage Month

Twitch streamers have been hitting out at the platform for not acknowledging Arab Heritage Month or Ramadan this April. The month of April hosts the Islamic festival of Ramadan, a worldwide recognized holiday that involves a month of fasting, prayer and other religious activities. It’s something that’s been done by Islamic people for years, yet … Read more

Streamers Say Twitch Needs To Do More To Tackle Racist Hate Raids

Twitch Halts Paid Channel Boosts After Porn Appears On Front Page

Late last year Twitch started testing a feature that allowed people to pay money to boost a channel, with many people being concerned about the legitimacy and the ways this practice could be abused. As it turns out, it could be very easily abused as proven by recent events. Paid boosts would work in the … Read more

Pokimane Calls Out Twitch Chat For Criticising Her Naturally Curly Hair

Pokimane has recently changed how she styles her hair, sparking her viewers mixed reactions and confused feelings towards the new style. Pokimane has been accused of ‘blackfacing’, despite the fact that the hair in question is just her natural hair – she is of Moroccan-Canadian nationality. A viewer decided to call her out live on … Read more