Free PlayStation Plus Games For May 2022 Have Leaked – Here They Are

The three free games for May 2022 on PlayStation Plus have leaked a few days earlier via a reputable source.

It’s that time of the month again when we get our usual early peek at the upcoming free games on PlayStation Plus. The leak first appeared on DeadLabs, which is where the leaks seem to appear every month. So far, they have always been accurate.

So, what games can PlayStation Plus subscribers expect to see in May 2022?

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Credit: Sony

PlayStation Plus Free Games Leak – May 2022

First up, PlayStation Plus subscribers can expect to be playing FIFA 22 for free next month. This is a surprising addition, given that the game is only around six months old. However, it’s certainly a lucrative get for PS+ subscribers. It’s FIFA, so you know the score here. Kick a ball into the opposing team’s goal and you’ll be right as rain. Open a few packs in between, or whatever else it is you do in FIFA.

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Additionally, PlayStation Plus subscribers can expect to see Curse of the Dead Gods in the May 2022 lineup. This top-down roguelike was first released in 2020 across all the big platforms. If you’ve ever played Hades, this game gives off a very similar energy. It’s something that once you get started with, you’re going to keep saying “one more run” after every session.

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Finally, PlayStation Plus has Tribes of Midgard to offer in May 2022. Another top down affair, this cute Norse themed co-op survival RPG lets you team up with nine other players. You’ll explore a gorgeous world in the runup to Ragnarok.

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Overall, not a bad lineup for PlayStation Plus in May 2022! What are your thoughts on the lineup for next month? Let us know across our social channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony