Batman Actor

Every Batman Actor Ranked From Worst To Best

There are a lot of Batman movies, and with a lot of Batman movies comes a lot of Batman actors. But which Batman actor is the best best, and which is the worst? Let’s find out. Here’s every Batman actor ranked from worst to best. Click here to read more about Batman. George Clooney – … Read more

Spider-Man Movies Ranked

Every Spider-Man Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

There are a lot of Spider-Man movies – we’re here to tell you which ones are worth watching and which ones aren’t in ranked order. Here’s every single Spider-Man movie ranked from worst to best. Click here to read more about Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a pretty bad movie. … Read more

Battlefield 2042 Is Getting A Huge Update That Could Fix The Game

Battlefield 2042 has an upcoming title update that may finally fix the game after a long six months. Battlefield 2042 Title Update 4.0 will reportedly have over 400 individual fixes, with detail changes expected to be released next week at launch. It’s unclear whether or not this will fix the player count at all, or … Read more

Oscar Isaac Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac Thinks Moon Knight Could Beat The Mandalorian In A Fight

Oscar Isaac believes that Moon Knight could easily beat The Mandalorian in a fight, according to a recent interview. Moon Knight started at the end of last month on Disney+. It focuses on Isaac’s titular character and his mental health struggles. Moon Knight’s real identity is somebody with Dissociative Identity Disorder [DID], and thus the … Read more

Peter Jackon Billionaire

Lord of the Rings Director, Peter Jackson, Is Now A Billionaire

Director of Lord Of The Rings Peter Jackson is now officially a billionaire according to the Forbes rich list.. According to the recently released Forbes Billionaire List, Jackson is worth $1.5 Billion. He and his partner own a sixty percent stake in the recently sold Weta Digital. This would make him the 1929th wealthiest person … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe Wolverine

Sandra Bullock Thinks Daniel Radcliffe Would Make A Great MCU Wolverine

Daniel Radcliffe will be Wolverine in the MCU sooner rather than later if Sandra Bullock has anything to say about it. Click here to read more about Daniel Radcliffe! Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe had the following conversation during a press junket for their new film, The Lost City: “Why don’t you just do it?” … Read more