Twitch Streamer Faced With ‘Romance Fraud’ Lawsuit By ‘Insane’ Donator

A Twitch streamer has said one of her viewers has allegedly threatened to sue her for ‘romance fraud’ after she didn’t express feelings of affection towards him.

The streamer, Ms Kenner, shared her experience with a wealthy donator. She posted a twitlonger detailing the situation, claiming this viewer has threatened her and is having an effect on her income.

In it, she says “I never thought I would have to write one of these but here we are.” She continues to detail the situation, saying “There is a person in the community that was always in my chat. He was always an insane gifter and donator….well now I see he is just literally insane.”

Over time he has sent me tons of money via PayPal, Twitch, Fanhouse, Streamlabs and buymeacoffee. I never had reason to believe he was a threat and continued to be thankful for his kindness.”

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Credit: Twitch

What is “Romance Fraud”?

She goes on to explain that because she declined to show romantic interest towards him, he withdrew his payments to her and left her thousands in the negative. He then allegedly sent a “lawsuit” addressed to her and her husband stating they need to pay him back $5000.

Ms Kenner ends the twitlonger by saying “My best advice, if it seems too good to be true….it usually is. Don’t get screwed.”

Regardless of how rare situations like these are, it is always a good idea to be careful who you’re dealing with. You can never truly know who you’re working with, especially online. Here’s hoping everything turns out ok for Ms Kenner.

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Featured Image Credit: Ms Kenner