Kim Kardashian Is Threatening To Sue Roblox Over Sex Tape Ad

In news that sounds like it came out of a clickbait headline generator, Kim Kardashian is threatening to sue gaming company Roblox.

In The Kardashians episode “Burn Them All To The F*cking Ground”, Kim finds an in-game ad on Roblox showing Kim’s “crying face” and an inappropriate caption about a new sex tape.

Her son Saint excitedly shows her the game, where she finds the inappropriate ad and swiftly takes the game away from him. She then says that if they’re using her face then she’s suing them.

After her son explained that it’s not his character, it’s a game, she says “Oh, it’s a game? Then we’re suing them if it’s a game with my name and picture.”

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Kim Kardashian Roblox
Credit: The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian and Roblox

Despite being a game for children, Roblox struggles to keep sexual content off its platform. The game has simply become too big to properly moderate everything, and some things are bound to slip through the cracks. Over half of the game’s 30 million players are under 13.

A Roblox spokesperson denied that there was ever a sex tape hosted on the game. The spokesperson said the text reference was removed and they “swiftly took down the associated experience and banned the community developer involved with the incident.”

What do you make of inappropriate content on Roblox, and do you think Kim Kardashian will sue them? Let us know your opinions on social media.

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Featured Image Credit: Getty Images/Roblox