League Of Legends Developer Wants To Make Behavioural Systems Matter

The developers of League Of Legends and Valorant, Riot Games, have released a statement to their website regarding their desire to see behavioural systems change and evolve in their games. It has also laid out a detailed plan, explaining exactly what it intends to do.

In the official statement posted to the League Of Legends website, Riot Games stated the following:

Behavioural Systems shouldn’t just be about punishing bad players- it should also reward great ones. When we first released Honor 2.0 in 2018, it was the first rewards system of its kind, and we saw an incredible response from you all. But we’ve failed to update it over the past few years and it’s fallen short of your expectations.”

This year, we’re upping the rewards with a new special recall VFX for players who are Honor 5 or have received an Honor from either a non-premade or two premades in their last game. Similiar to the special Challenger recall, you’ll now have the opportunity to sport a special new Honor recall.”

Credit: Riot Games

Hopefully, this commitment towards the system causes players to be more actively friendly towards each other, while promoting kindness for all. It’s the first step towards a brighter tomorrow for gaming, and one that Riot Games comes sooner rather than later.

As an example of why this is needed, we recently reported that three quarters of women mask their gender while online. 93% of surveyed users say that they do this to avoid online sexual harassment.

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Featured Image Credit: Riot Games