Halo TV Reactions Are Pouring In, And They’re Surprisingly Promising

The Halo TV show is almost here and fans are anxiously awaiting it, to say the least. That first trailer was good, but it could have been better. As usual, we’re stuck waiting for social media reactions from critics. Now though, we have those too – and they’re shockingly quite promising!

Halo TV Show – What are the critics saying?

Here are just a few of the reactions from social media!

If the first two episodes are any indication of what is to come, fans are going to LOVE the Halo series. Packed with adventure, action, and soooo many video game references, season 1 kicks off with a BANG!” stated the resident critic for Mama Geeky, Tessa Smith.

“#HaloTheSeries is a crap load of fun. Pablo Schreiber is crazy good as Master Chief, and the other members of the cast only add to it. There are stunning visuals in the series and the whole UNSC is great with technology.” states Brandon Matthews of Cinema Reviewed.

Brandon Davies of Phase Zero said that “Halo is awesome. I watched the first two eps and want more now!!! I love the games and the series pulls so much right out of them. It’s f***ing sick to see it come to life. The action scenes and world-building are so dope. Pablo Schreiber is a great Master Chief. I’m all in.”

Are you excited for the Halo TV series? I know I certainly am. Let us know across our social channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Paramount