Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Planning To Direct His First Movie

Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he’s written a movie about the film industry, and he wants to direct in the near future.

In an interview with Empire, Radcliffe revealed that he’s written a film that he really wants to direct. He said that:

I’ve got an idea for something that I have written. I’m hopefully going to direct. It will be in a couple of years’ time, because the next 18 months at least are pretty much accounted for already. People always say, ‘write what you know’. I’ve had a very unrelatable life, so I don’t want to write that. But I have found a way of writing something that is kind of connected to the film industry, about that.”

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Credit: Weird Al Yankovic

What film is Daniel Radcliffe going to direct?

Radcliffe also spoke candidly about his post-Harry Potter career, explaining his career choices.

I think now at this point, I’ve got a reputation for being kind of weird in the things I want to do, which is lovely and weird, but gets weird, which is great. But generally speaking, I think the way I saw it after Potter was that for every person that did only see me as one thing, there was somebody out there who was excited by the chance to show me as something else.”

Radcliffe is currently starring as the eccentric villain in The Lost City alongside Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. He will soon be playing Weird Al Yankovich in Weird: The Al Yankovich Story.

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