Amouranth Reveals Monthly OnlyFans Earnings Despite Quitting Adult Content

Amouranth has revealed just how much she earns from OnlyFans every month, despite recently announcing that she’s quitting adult content for good.

The Twitch star is known for making big business moves outside of her Twitch career. For a full breakdown of her net worth, we’ve written up a handy article for you. TLDR; Amouranth has a lot of fingers in a lot of businessy pies.

However, a huge portion of Amouranth’s income currently comes from the adult entertainment industry. She runs an OnlyFans account that’s locked behind a paid subscription service. With several thousands of subscribers, her account is one of the most successful on the platform.

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Amouranth OnlyFans
Credit: Amouranth

How much does Amouranth earn from OnlyFans?

Now, Amouranth has revealed just how lucrative the platform can be for successful users. In a Twitter rant about Instagram impersonation pages, Amouranth had this to say: “My main OF alone (Not including fan sly, free OF or patreon) clears 1.4 TO 1.5mil a month pretty easily.


Earning over $1.5 million is nothing to slouch at, especially when there are other earnings coming in from platforms like Patreon, Twitch, and others.

However, Amouranth has now decided that she’s going to leave the adult industry behind to focus on Twitch. Last week, the streamer explained that she’s quitting OnlyFans in June, but will be going ‘all out’ until then. A ‘bang-grand finale’ is teased, but no details are revealed on what that might ental. Instead of OnlyFans, Amouranth has invested around $400,000 in improving her Twitch content.

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Featured Image Credit: Amouranth/OnlyFans