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Amouranth Reveals Monthly OnlyFans Earnings Despite Quitting Adult Content

Amouranth has revealed just how much she earns from OnlyFans every month, despite recently announcing that she’s quitting adult content for good. The Twitch star is known for making big business moves outside of her Twitch career. For a full breakdown of her net worth, we’ve written up a handy article for you. TLDR; Amouranth … Read more

Amouranth Shuts Down Claim That Successful Streamers Must Be ‘Hot’

It’s often found that female streamers are under fire from various members of a community and an audience for simply being attractive, or accused of using attractiveness to become successful. Famous Twitch Streamer Amouranth has weighed in on the issue, and what she has to say might interest you. Amouranth had the following to say … Read more

Amouranth Is Selling Hot Tub Water And ‘Scent Jars’ For $1000 Each

Amouranth fans, if you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on a jar of her hot tub water, today is your lucky day. Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa keeps finding new ways to grab attention and make money, and she’s finally gone for the nuclear option. That’s right, you can purchase her hot tub water online, or … Read more

Amouranth To Remove Music From Spotify If It Supports Joe Rogan

Amouranth has added her name to the list of people removing their music from Spotify if the company continues to support Joe Rogan. After artists including Neil Young and Joni Mitchell removed their music from the platform, Amouranth made a tweet saying she’ll do the same. Obviously this is more of a joke than those … Read more

Amouranth Says Someone Would Have To Be ‘Desperate’ To Date Her

Amouranth has opened up about how her romantic life, saying that someone would have to be ‘desperate’ to date her. The Twitch streamers has been making headlines recently due to some weighty business investments. She’s recently purchased her own pool toy company, as well as her own petrol station. She’s even considering moving into the … Read more

Amouranth Calls On Twitch To Reveal Reasons For Streamer Bans

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has called on Twitch to reveal the reasons for streamer bans. According to Amouranth, the system it has in place now is “cowardly”, designed to help Twitch avoid blame for bans. Recently, Twitch has started telling streamers the specific streams for which they were banned, but there is still a lot of … Read more