Top 5 Best Open World Ubisoft Games

With the launch of Far Cry 6, we’ve been thinking a lot about the best Ubisoft open world games. And its fair to say there’s a lot to pick from.

Across franchises such as Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs, Ubisoft has had its hands in a wild variety of worlds. From exotic locales to recreations of familiar cities, there isn’t much it hasn’t done.

But of course, for the purposes of this very article, we are going to try and narrow it down to the best of the best. Here is the definitive list of the best Ubisoft games.

Credit: Ubisoft

Assassin Creed Origins

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has always developed impressive open worlds. From Florence in Assassin’s Creed II, to 9th century England in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. But the most enchanting of them all had to be Egypt in Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Not only did this mark the first major shift in the franchise towards more RPG leanings, it also hammered home its history authentic settings. From the mummifying districts to the library of Alexandria, Origins was an utter delight to explore.

With distant cities and a massive array of content, Origins elevated the series to new heights.

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Yara in Far Cry 6 is hands down the best setting the series has ever seen. Not only is it the biggest, but it also managed to feel like a lived in space. This replaces the empty feel from previous games, where the settings only existed to for you to shoot things up in.

The Far Cry games are an odd one, as most would say that Far Cry 3 is the best. But Far Cry 4, 5 and now 6 are just evolutions upon 3’s formula. In that sense it might falter as it really is more of the same. But on the other hand, anyone picking up the franchise for the first time will be blown away by 6’s scale.

And that scale has variety to it, with Yara’s diverse landscapes. You will be fishing in a seaside shanty one minute, and taking out tanks in a city the next. And if you fancy just chilling out, Yara has some of the best sunsets in a video game since Sea of Thieves.

Are you wondering whether to pick up Far Cry 6? Check our review round up, or even our very own review over on Gamebyte.

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Watch Dogs 2

For a brief time, the Watch Dogs series was in a place of bliss. Right after the exceptionally dull first game, and before the equally dull Legion, there was Watch Dogs 2. Not only did this take the edgy tone of the original and make it more light-hearted and fun, but it also gave us a fun recreation of San Francisco.

Watch Dogs 2 is actually a pretty underrated game, that many pass by. But while some Ubisoft games can feel like a chore to work your way through, Watch Dogs 2 was just fun. Pure and simple.

Graffiti-laden streets, and iconic landscapes meant you were always bumping into something eye-catching. And with plenty of perks and hacking gadgets sprinkled throughout San Fran, it was a delight to work through. It may not have been quite as detailed as the Assassin’s Creed games have been, but it rides high almost off of vibes alone.

Credit: Ubisoft

The Division 2

Leaping forward six months from the original game, The Division 2 took players to the post-apocalyptic streets of Washington D.C. The Division 2 never quite saw the success of its predecessors, and the future of the franchise is up in the air. But The Division 2 is one of the best looter shooters out there. With solid third-person combat, and now a plethora of post-launch content, you get a big bang for buck. You can even scoop it up for less than a tenner most of the time.

There is an impressive scale to D.C. in The Division 2. Everything from the downed wreckage of Air Force One to one of the multiple Dark Zones that are dotted around the map. And thanks to the less grid-like street structure afforded by the new setting, combat felt more dynamic. I still have my fingers crossed for The Division 3.

Credit: Ubisoft

Immortals Fenyx Rising

In many ways Immortals Fenyx Rising is just another cookie-cutter open world Ubisoft game. However, it also happens to have the most visually diverse map the developer has ever delivered. Taking a more cartoonish style with vibrant colours and mythological designs, Immortals was a screenshot haven.

Based off of the various Greek Gods, you could explore different sectors of the world. Each area felt visually unique, but was also chalk-full of stories of Greek mythology. These ranged from the structures surrounding you to the animals that wandered them. And to make things even more inciteful, Immortals two bickering Gods (Zeus and Prometheus), acted as tour guides.

Those are the best Ubisoft open world games according to us, but are there any you felt should have been included? Let us know over on our social channels!

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