Doom Is Now Available To Play On Twitter

We’ve had pregnancy test, heaps of potatoes, the sheep in Minecraft. And now Doom runs on Twitter, because why the hell not.

Doom running on various devices has become a bit of a meme as of late. It has challenged people all over the world to get the classic FPS running on all sorts of devices. We’ve seen it play as an Age of Empire 2 spin-off. And as mentioned, a highlight saw it run on a literal pregnancy test. How? I honestly don’t know, nor do I care to find out. As far as I’m concerned its demonic magic.

The latest to land on veritable list of weird ways to play a 28-year-old game is Twitter. Thanks to @Tweet2Doom, Doom runs on Twitter and its become home to some questionable shooting skills.

Credit: Nintendo

Shotguns, Demons and Social Media Platforms

Created by Georgi Gerganov, Doom on Twitter is controlled by users tweeting inputs to the page. Georgi posted a list of commands on the site, so players can gauge what to do in their blind attempts. Some people clearly know their away about Doom’s opening level. Especially when they get as far as this just through a wall of text inputs.

Credit: Twitter

Unlike previous iterations of Doom running on things, this might be the best yet for reason: it actually allows us to interact. Of course, I wouldn’t even want to begin to work up the commands to try it out. But for those deeply passionate about the infamous shooter, it allows them to try out Doom in a whole new way.

It really just begs the question of what comes next. Doom controlled through Snapchat filters? Has anyone tried out a Tamagotchi yet? I’d love to scan my way through Doom with the help of Radica Skannerz is anyone remembers those.

What would you love to see Doom run on next? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: id Software/ Twitter