Pokimane Calls Out Twitch Chat For Criticising Her Naturally Curly Hair

Pokimane has recently changed how she styles her hair, sparking her viewers mixed reactions and confused feelings towards the new style.

Pokimane has been accused of ‘blackfacing’, despite the fact that the hair in question is just her natural hair – she is of Moroccan-Canadian nationality. A viewer decided to call her out live on stream and tell her that she doesn’t look good with dreams, to which she responded with the following:

You know, if you feel that way, you should take it up with God, bro. You should tell him ‘You shouldn’t have made her this way’ and maybe hell have some argments for you. But for me, b*tch, I just look like this. I take a shower, and this is how I look, so yeah. Don’t tell me. Take it up with him. Do a little prayer. Talk to God, not me!

“And you know what? If you ever see someone and they don’t like a feature that they have, take it up with god, don’t tell them! What the f**ck are they gonna do. Get plastic surgery for your ass? No!”

Credit: Pokimane

Pokimane New Hair

Pokimane is known for not taking any hostages in her chat and for being able to quickly recover from weird and creepy comments. She’s often attacked by viewers and people who don’t think she deserves her success, but she always claps back.

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Featured Image Credit: Pokimane