Level Up Your Gaming Set-up with PlayStation’s New Midnight Black Pulse Headset

Sony is building up some incredibly accessories to the PlayStation 5, and the latest is this gorgeous Midnight Black Pulse Headset.

The Pulse Headset released last year alongside the launch of the PlayStation 5. Sony had a massive push for 3D Audio in the latest generation. And the Pulse Headset is specifically designed to work in tandem with Sony’s Tempest 3D AudioTech. However, much like the console, the Pulse Headset features the controversial black and white design. That is until now.

Sony just announced the Midnight Black Pulse Headset, which brings a sleeker colour design to your audio experience. And you can pick one up this month.

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The Midnight Black Pulse Headset will accompany the similarly coloured DualSense controller. Both a Midnight Black and Cosmic Red editions of the DualSense released back in June. There are some marked improvements over the white design of the controllers which could easily get dirty. The Pulse Headset will be available to purchase at select retailers from next month. No price was given yet, however the original headset still goes for £89.99, so I’d imagine this will do the same.

Credit: Sony

I’ve been using a Pulse Headset since the release of the PS5 and it has its pros and cons. For one, it is incredibly comfortable, and I can often go extended sessions with next to no comfort issues. Audio controls on the side and a decent battery life mean the headset rarely gets in the way of gaming. The headset is also far more durable than the PS4 versions that came before.

The Pulse Headset does lack in bass compared to previous models, However, the recent update to PlayStation software means there are plenty of audio settings to mess around with. With big PlayStation exclusives coming up such as Horizon Forbidden West and the recently announced Spider-Man 2 in 2023, the Pulse Headset will really enhance your experience.

Sony’s Pulse Headset might be a little expensive for some. However, its comfort and sound quality alleviate most of those issues. And the new Midnight Black design mean that gamers can look their best while dominating lobbies. Here’s to hoping Sony announces the Crimson Red edition, because I doubt you’d be able to stop be buying a second headset then.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony