Grand Theft Auto V Story Players Are Being Banned Online

According to several new reports from players, Grand Theft Auto V player’s are being banned in GTA Online simply for playing in the story mode.

A tweet appeared from Rockstar Intel that reads:

Do not switch to GTA Online when playing Story Mode. There are ongoing reports from players that switching is causing and resulting in false GTA Online bans across PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. Always play GTA Online through the main menu until a fix arrives.”

We don’t know what is causing the glitch but we do know that it appears to be affecting Red Dead Online also. InfinityHimself on Twitter shared a screenshot of his ban that read “Alert. You have been banned from using Social Club Services and are not permitted to enter Grand Theft Auto Online permanently. Return to the main menu.”

GTA V has released across various systems, with the most recent upgrade appearing on PS5 and Xbox One. It’s one of the most popular and most supported games of all time, so it’s hard to imagine that Rockstar Games will wait very long before fixing it. What’s more, they recently announced that GTA 6 is coming soon. So, while the team will be mostly focused on that, they’ll want to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Credit: Rockstar Games

What do you think about all these GTA V players being unexpectedly banned? Does it seem like just a standard bug to you? Or do you think that this is symptomatic of something way bigger? Let us know across our socials!


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Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games