Dr Disrespect Set An Impossible Challenge To Another Streamer – Who Destroyed It In 8 Minutes

In a bit of friendly competition, Dr DisRespect called out fellow streamer Scump with a new Call of Duty challenge. Not only did the streamer accomplish it, but they managed to achieve it in eight minutes.

The top Call of Duty streamers are always vying for the top spot. TimTheTatman competed in this year’s Call of Duty League. Dr DisRespect is popping off insane no-scopes in Warzone. And Scump continues to dominate across Call of Duty lobbies. It is fun to see some of these streamers come together and show off their skills on the battlefield.

However, this week Dr DisRespect issued out a Call of Duty challenge to Scump. Scump had to wrack up 25 kills to get a nuke within five matches, and in return would receive a rare Doc Vest. This was no issue for the Call of Duty champion, as he managed to destroy DisRespect’s challenge within 10 minutes.

Credit: Scump


Scump was blasting his way through the Call of Duty Vanguard beta, which was recently extended. With Doc’s challenge issued, Scump got right to work and it turns out he didn’t even need those five matches.

Scump wreaked havoc across the Vanguard beta, and managed to wrack up those 25 kills within the first match. With the Nuke counting down, the 26-year-old streamer screamed out in celebration. “That’s how it’s done” yelled Scump, and to be honest, I can’t really disagree.

With the challenge complete, Doc put out another tweet congratulating Scump on the win, and confirmed the vest was on its way. Looking at the time stamps on both tweets reveals they are only eight minutes apart. What’s even more impressive is that Scump was half way through a match when issued the challenge. And he still managed to get all 25 kills before it finished. If you want to see Scump getting the nuke, you can check out his stream here, and jump to the five hour mark.

I’d love to see more of these challenges issued out between streamers. It would be great to see TimTheTatman, Dr Lupo and Doc faceoff for the most kills in Warzone.

Did you ever have any doubt Scump would get the nuke? Let us know over on our social channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Dr DisRespect/ Scump