Battlefield Fan Recreates Iconic Maps Out Of LEGO

Anticipation is building for the next Battlefield, and one talented fan has been celebrating by building some iconic maps out of LEGO bricks.

Despite recently getting pushed back to November 19th, fans are still excited for Battlefield 2042. A lack of communication from EA has been worrying, however, the potential of the latest game seems too great. With 128 players, dynamic environments, and a shake-up of the class system, it is easily one of my most anticipated shooters of the year.

However, one Battlefield fan has taken their excitement to the next level. They have built one of the upcoming maps entirely out of LEGO. And it’s seriously impressive.

Credit: @Taris120_Builds

LEGO To The Battlefield

Battlefield fan and Lego builder @Taris120_Builds, has been working the Battlefield LEGO game for a while. Taris has recreated maps such as Zavod 311 from Battlefield 4 and Amiens from Battlefield 1. Their work showcases painstaking recreations of fan-favourite maps.

The latest recreation has to be one of their best yet. Recreating the Orbital map, which featured heavily in 2042 trailers, Taris used 7969 pieces for their latest LEGO set. It’s detail showcases the rocket, which has been shown to launch or explode during matches, and the surrounding hills, which featured in some leaked gameplay.

With seven maps arriving on launch for Battlefield 2042, it’ll be great to see more Taris takes. So far they have posted a couple of Battlefield Portal maps, which see returning maps from Battlefield 3. For 2042, they also created the Kaleidoscope map with 9214 bricks. I’d love to see the sand-filled Hourglass map recreated with LEGO.

Credit: @Taris120_Builds

Players are eager for more details on Battlefield 2042. The beta was originally rumoured to launch around now, however, as of writing, there has still been no word from EA or DICE. Battlefield 2042’s launch is now less than two months away, so I’ll be crossing my fingers and toes for more news soon. In the meantime, we have these incredible Battlefield 2042 LEGO maps from Taris to marvel over.

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Featured Image Credit: @Taris120_Builds