Destiny 2’s The Game Awards Trailer Sees A Return To Mars

A new trailer for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen was shown at the Game Awards, and it seems like we’ll be heading back to Mars next year.

The trailer focuses on a Guardian’s encounter with the new Hive enemies, the Lucent Brood. Interestingly, it’s interspersed with live-action segments along with gameplay.

YouTube video

We got a look at what these new enemies can do, but we also got a look at Mars again. Destiny 2 players may remember Mars has already been added to D2, but it was added to the content vault and became inaccessible.

It seems like the Witch Queen expansion will let us return there, though. We don’t know how this iteration of Mars has changed, but it’s definitely coming back in some form.

New Abilities

Additionally, we can see some new powers being used by both friend and foe. We see the Hive using our light abilities against us, including a Titan barrier and sentinel shield.

We can also see some of the reworked void abilities we’ll be able to use. This sees new melee abilities, including one where Titans can throw a shield Captain America-style and chain kills. There’s also footage of the new Glaive weapon, which combines melee and projectile attacks.

Destiny fans have a lot to look forward to when Witch Queen launches next February on the 22nd. We’ve just been treated to some cool Halo-inspired weapons and a great activity for free, which will help bridge the gap during a longer-than-usual wait.

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Featured Image Credit: Bungie