Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3 Brings A Scoreboard And Other Huge Fixes

DICE has released Update 3.3 for Battlefield 2042, and it’s bringing plenty of features that fans have been asking for – including a functioning scoreboard..

It’s no secret that Battlefield 2042 has had a rough time of it. With plentiful launch issues and a plummeting player base, EA and DICE is in a tricky situation. Does it continue to support a game that few are playing, or does it move on to greener pastures?

It seems that the studio is opting for the former, still keen to bring Battlefield 2042 up to a quality standard. Battlefield 2042 update 3.3 is certainly a step in that right direction. So, what’s new?

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3
Credit: EA/DICE

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3 – New Scoreboard

The title feature of this new update is the now fully functioning scoreboard. It’s hard to believe this didn’t exist before, I know, but here we are. This new scoreboard design was announced back in January and it’s now finally present in the game. Players can now see exactly where they stack up against the other players on their team.

The match overview is still present on the left hand side of the screen, displaying ticket and objective information. There’s also all of your unlocked ribbons and challenges located there. While this is a huge step in the right direction, DICE says that it isn’t done there. Further changes are likely to be made in upcoming patches.

Credit: EA/DICE

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3 – Other Changes

Other changes to Battlefield 2042 include a brand new bundle for certain players. If you own the Gold, Ultimate, or Year 1 pass versions of the game, then you’ll be able to redeem this new cosmetic pack. It’s called the “Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle” and includes a variety of cosmetic items for your soldier, weapons, and vehicles.

Elsewhere, here are the other general changes arriving in Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3:


  • Fixed a game crash that could occur on Origin or Xbox One when signing in/out while using an Xbox One controller.
  • Setting “Chat” Key Bindings no longer requires a game restart to take effect.
    Adjusted Aim Assist on console to ensure that the system is in effect when analogue sticks are at 100% of their range. Previously it was only active at ranges below 100%.
  • Fixed a bug where takedowns would not result in a kill on Xbox One and PlayStation®4.
  • Established new location for our EU Data Centre as Frankfurt


  • Conquest & Breakthrough – fixed a bug where the Securing Objective XP-event was triggered even after a Capture Point was already fully captured.
  • Hazard Zone – fixed a visual bug displaying squad mates during the match found sequence.
  • Hazard Zone – fixed a bug where the End of Round XP gains sometimes didn’t trigger.

That’s everything that’s changing this update. DICE promises that a further update will arrive in early April. The inaugural season of Battlefield 2042 isn’t expected to start until the summer.

What do you think of the Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3? Will you be jumping back into the game? Let us know across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: EA/DICE]