Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.3 Brings A Scoreboard And Other Huge Fixes

DICE has released Update 3.3 for Battlefield 2042, and it’s bringing plenty of features that fans have been asking for – including a functioning scoreboard.. It’s no secret that Battlefield 2042 has had a rough time of it. With plentiful launch issues and a plummeting player base, EA and DICE is in a tricky situation. … Read more

Post Malone Is Really Bad At Apex Legends

Rapper Post Malone is awful at Apex Legends, it turns out. That’s probably a twist you never saw coming, huh? Actually, given the insanity of the last few years, nothing probably surprises you these days if you’re anything like me. That’s right, 2022 has another twist coming with Post Malone playing Apex Legends on Twitch … Read more

Leaked Battlefield 2042 Artwork Shows Promising Unreleased Map

Leaked artwork has revealed an as of yet unreleased map for Battlefield 2042, which is due to be released as part of the first season later this year. The map is a research facility built inside the Canadian Mountains that’s entitled ‘Exposure’. According to a recent interview with EA, they’re trying something brand new with … Read more

Knockout City Is Going Free-To-Play This Spring Without EA Involved

Knockout City will be going to free-to-play at some point in spring, but previous publisher EA will not be involved. Knockout City is a competitive dodgeball action game by Velan Studios. It launched last year on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC in May. Currently, it’s on Season 5 of its regular content releases, which will … Read more

Battlefield 2042 Re-Uses Models From Battlefront 2 – And That’s OK

Battlefield 2042 has received more criticism for using models from Battlefront 2, causing yet another debate. Recent posts on Twitter and the gaming subreddit criticised the re-use of certain models from their previous game Star Wars Battlefront 2. One tweet even said it’s “honestly sad how badly EA/DICE ripped us off”, showing an example of … Read more

EA Blames Halo Infinite For The Issues With Battlefield 2042

EA has blamed the early launch of Halo Infinite for the problems that Battlefield 2042 has faced since its release. Battlefield 2042 has not been received very well by fans. It launched with a variety of issues, from bugs and glitches to unfinished features. A petition calling on EA to refund them for the game … Read more