xQc Net Worth 2022: How Much Has The Former Esports Pro Earned?

xQc has climbed the ranks of Twitch, springboarding with his esports career and using his chaotic personality to push him further – but what’s his total net worth?

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xQc Net Worth – Early Career

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel first began streaming in 2014 at the age of 19. Back then, he started out playing League of Legends, like most other popular Twitch streamers. At the time, he posed under the name ‘xQcLoL’. This was formed using a letter from his first name and the province in which he was born – Quebec, Canada. LoL refers to the game he played at the time, League of Legends.

xQc later changed his primary game to Overwatch, thus changing his Twitch alias to xQcOW. This is where his professional esports took off with him flitting between several grassroots teams in the early years of competitive Overwatch. After competing for Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup, he was eventually signed to Dallas Fuel for the Overwatch League in 2017.

xQc Net Worth
Credit: xQc via Twitch

However, thus began a series of suspensions due to unfavourable behaviour from the popular stream. He was suspended twice prior to the start of the season, once for misusing the game’s reporting system live on stream. The other time was for throwing games, also on stream.

Following those suspensions, xQc was benched from Dallas Fuel after making homophobic remakrs agains an openly gay player. He later apologised, saying that he didn’t have any “malicious intent”. He later also used an emote in a “racially disparaging manner” during an official Overwatch League stream. This saw xQc removed from the OWL team. Though he attempted to re-enter the scene with other teams, he eventually returned to full-time streaming.

xQc Net Worth
Credit: xQc via Twitter

xQc Net Worth – Where is he now?

In the following years, xQc has continued to build up an impressive following on his Twitch. This is likely down to his chaotic personality which viewers find endlessly entertaining. He also streams for inordinate lengths of time, sometimes seemingly never switching off.

xQc remains no less controversial than during his professional Overwatch days. He regularly has an opinion to put forward on topics, usually of the controversial nature. That hasn’t stopped xQc from climbing the Twitch ranks. In 2021, he was near the top of the Twitch rich list. 

xQc Net Worth
Credit: xQc

xQc Total Net Worth

As of April 2022, xQc boasts a follower count of over 10 million on Twitch. That number only seems to be growing, with the streamer earning around 3,000 new followers every hour. He has a total of almost 90,000 active subscribers, which equates to around $450,000 every month. That’s not including sponsors and external viewer donations. Given that xQc regularly streams for upwards of eight hours a day, his donation count is likely to be extremely high.

On top of that, xQc also has a YouTube channel to which he uploads highlight videos regularly. These each bring in between 100k and 300k views per upload. As such, he’s likely to be earning a decent income from ad revenue there, too.

As always, we can never be completely sure of the total net worth of online celebrities. However, from what we know about xQc’s public numbers, we can estimate that his total net worth is between $7-9 million.

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Featured Image Credit: xQc