Valorant Map Guide: Breeze Tips and Tricks

Riot Games are back with another season update for Valorant. This time, there’s a brand new map for us to sink our teeth into – Breeze.

Follow our handy guide to learn more about the map’s theme, some tips and tricks, and how it changes up the way Valorant will be played moving forward.

Credit: Riot Games

Trouble in paradise

Breeze is the latest map to enter the rotation in Valorant, making it the sixth locale on the roster. This time, we’re Jett-ing off to a tropical island. Littered with historic castle ruins and punctuated with a few man-made metal structures, Breeze is certainly one of the most colourful maps we’ve seen in Valorant yet. 

What sets Breeze apart from the rest of the Valorant maps is just how wide open it is. While other locations are designed around tight angles and a series of small rooms, the new map opts to let us fight in the open air. 

That means we’ll be relying much more on our long-range aiming skills for this one – it might be time to ditch the Spectre and finally get some practice in with the Vandal and Guardian.

Elsewhere, there’re plenty of routes that back around and meet each other. It could certainly be that the map has only been out for a few days, but I’ve already found that flanking manoeuvres are particularly powerful and fairly easy to execute. Moves like these can be achieved by avoiding the wide-open mid-lane altogether, so it’ll be interesting to see how stealthy characters like Yoru fare when the meta tactics begin to emerge. 

Let’s talk A site

At the centre of A site is a pair of pyramid structures. While peculiar, they offer some interesting angles to consider when shooting. They’re slightly embedded within the ground, so you can outplay your opponent by changing the height at which you peek. The slopes of the pyramids can catch you out if you’re not careful, though. You may think you’re in cover while a small part of your model gives away your position.

A is easily accessible to the Attackers. There’s only a couple of raised platforms to the rear of the site and a passageway from mid for them to worry about.

With three routes moving towards the site, the attackers have several options to choose from. That said, it does offer some excellent flanking routes for the defenders. It’ll pay to watch your back at all times in Breeze on Valorant.

What about B site?

B site is a relatively hard nut to crack in comparison to A. On the attacking side, there’s one chokepoint entry to the front of the site, with a second entry point leading off from the top of mid.

Players will need to either sneak their way up the side of mid or claim a cheeky pick from the vantage point at the window overlooking the choke.

Whatever tactic you choose to attack B with, the defenders have plenty of places to hide. Agents like Jett, Raze, and Sage will be vital on this site as their movement abilities allow them to reach new heights and awkward angles for the attackers to check. Alternating which ruined wall the defenders sit on top of will seriously ruin an attackers day.

The gimmick

Most Valorant maps so far have had a gimmick. On Haven, it’s the choice of three bomb sites. Icebox has horizontal zip wires. Bind, the teleporters. Haven’s trick up its sleeve is a one-way garbage chute contraption that spits players out at the bottom of mid.

Accessible from the tunnel that runs between mid and A site, players can jump down the chute to be placed in a small cubby in the bottom corner of the mid lane. The chute is blocked by a trapdoor which only opens when a player or ability is sent down the chute from above. It can’t open from underneath.

The contraption allows for some unique new tactics. Players can audibly hear the trap door open, but if a player with a good aim is coming down the chute then it might already be too late. Alternatively, if players are mindful of the chute, someone coming down the slide could meet a very quick death if the suspecting team are ready for the manoeuvre.

As alluded to, the trapdoor will open for abilities as well as players. That means you could throw Raze’s grenade down it for some light area damage. Or, you could earn some intel by pinging it with Sova’s arrow.

Quick tips

The map has only been out for a few days, but we’ve managed to cobble together a couple of tips that will help you get the edge on your opponents.

If you’re trying to silently make your way up into the hallway that runs alongside A site, there are a stack of barrels to the right of the rope that’s usually used as an entry point. These are useful for changing up which angle your approach your opponents, potentially throwing off their aim. It’s also useful for executing super sneaky flank manoeuvres which I’ve found to be extremely effective on Breeze so far.

If you’re looking for a way to switch up the way you hold the mid-lane as a defender, you can actually jump onto the wall at the top with little difficulty. Standing on the barrels tucked into the corner, perform a running crouch jump onto the lower part of the wall. From here, you’ll be able to walk all the way around the structure and see right the way down to the bottom of mid. It’s pretty open up there, mind. Be sure to drop back down quickly if multiple enemies spot you.

Image credit: Riot Games

Although the trapdoor only opens from above, there is still a way to retreat back up the chute. The trapdoor stays open for a short period after you descend the chute. If you’re quick enough with either Raze or Jett, you can use the double grenade jump or updraft to proceed back the way you came. This is useful if you go down the chute by mistake, or if you realise you’re outnumbered once you descend to the bottom of mid.


These secrets can only be discovered if you explore the map in offline free cam mode, but it’s still cool to know that they’re there!

In the little cafe bar off to the side of mid, you can find an adorable little Sloth equipped with a sniper rifle aiming out of the window. I’m not quite sure how the little guy has acquired the weapon, or what he intends to do with it, but he looks cool wielding it so fair play to him. His reaction speeds are still probably quicker than mine.

Image credit: Riot Games

Another group of critters can be found in the mansion atop the hill far beyond the usual bounds of the map. In there, you’ll find four unlikely pals sitting around a leg of meat, all having a cute little catch-up. At least I think it’s a catch-up. The hamster appears to be clutching a grenade while a snake adoring a top hat and cane watches over the proceedings. It’s all very strange.

Those are the basics of what you need to know about the new Breeze map in Valorant. For more Valorant tips, check out our guides for Astra and Yoru. We’ve also written up a few ways in which you can help improve your aim.

Will you be jumping into the Breeze Valorant map anytime soon? Let us know across our social channels.

[Featured Image Credit: Riot Games]

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