Valorant Agent Guide: Neon Abilities, Tips and Tricks

Neon is the latest addition to the Valorant Agent roster, adding another tally to the number of Duelists in the game. That means you can expect to see Neon on the front lines of engagement, opening up sites and picking fights. Similar to Jett, she’s a movement-based Agent and will require quick reflexes to properly get a handle on.

This Valorant Guide will walk you through Neon’s abilities and give you some tips to get the most out of her.

Credit: Riot Games

Fast Lane

Pressing C will create two huge walls of electricity a couple of metres apart. It creates this tunnel, or lane, for Neon and her teammates to pass through. The walls operate akin to a Phoenix wall – they’re opaque and deal damage when enemies pass through them. You can extend it out for a short distance if you like, but it can’t be curved around corners.

Fast Lane is especially useful for attacking teams. It lets Neon open up an entry point in the site and allows a team to cover great distances quickly. You’ll want to be careful, though. The walls aren’t solid, so enemies can shoot through them to deal damage. This ability costs 300 credits.

Credit: Riot Games

Relay Bolt

Relay bolt fires a fast projectile that ricochets once before stopping. At both impact points, the relay bolt detonates to stun enemies and deal a small amount of damage. If you’re looking for an easy comparison, it’s sort of like Breach’s wall stun in its function. This can be used to open up engagements and give yourself the upper hand. It costs 200 credits and can be used twice per round.

Credit: Riot Games

High Gear

Using High Gear will grant Neon with her unique movement abilities. Upon activating, Neon will see an increase to her movement speed, sprinting around the map far quicker than anyone else. The trade off is that you can’t hold out your weapon while in this state. Pressing right click will see Neon do a cool forward knee slide, akin to Jett’s dash ability. Sliding will end the sprint timer, however.

A timer at the bottom of the screen will show just how much charge this ability has left. It recharges overtime, though. Feel free to use it frugally, but be aware that enemies will likely hear your footsteps. Earning two kills within a round will earn you another use of the slide dash. High Gear is granted for free at the start of every round.

Credit: Riot Games


Neon’s ultimate ability comes in the form of Overdrive. It grants Neon with the same fast movement ability, but this time with a weapon. She’s able to shoot a lightning beam from her fingertips with incredible accuracy. The beam is extremely high damage at close range, but falls off relatively quickly at long ranges. Just like High Gear, you can also use the dash ability and continue firing the lightning beam. It retains its accuracy while sliding, too.

Overdrive, and the rest of her abilities are all clearly intended to pitch Neon as a close quarters Valorant Agent. Players will need to be aggressive to get the most out of her abilities, and be smart with their wall placement and bolt lineups. Map knowledge will be key here.

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