Rainbow Six: Siege Esports Is Getting a HUGE Overhaul

Rainbox Six Siege fans, your time is now. A regionalised format is finally being introduced to the esports scene, and it’s kicking off in mid-June! 

This long-awaited update will include region-specific programs for Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America. And the best news is that it’s looking like each of these regions will have its very own competitive structure!

Credit: Ubisoft

On top of these regional changes, Ubisoft will now consider each year its own season and split it into quarters. 

The first three seasons will count as “stages”. In this fierce battle, the top four teams from each region will compete. This will conclude with a Major – the final stage.

Credit: ESL / Ubisoft

The Major sees each region locked in ferocious combat in its own finals and relegations. This all leads up to one exciting global race towards qualification for the Six Invitational, the pinnacle of the Rainbow Six competitive year.

Organisations involved are going to be ranked every three months. This ranking will be based on viewership, player support, and in-game revenue. This will decide promotions and relegations within the system. The new format is geared more towards supporting the organisations, as they will split 30 per-cent of any money made from any branded in-game items!

How Many Esports Teams Are Involved?

More exciting news – Europe is expanding to 10 teams, as is Latin America! Because of this, the Latin American region will now support three divisions – Mexico, South America and Brazil. North America – Canada and the US – will now have separate divisions.

This update hopes to create a “stronger focus on local particularities and an increased diversity in the different choices of esports programs”, according to Ubisoft.

Credit: Ubisoft

Esports Insider says “Ubisoft has done an incredible job building Rainbow Six: Siege into a solid esports title”. They say that “these plans seem like a big forward step for the game’s ecosystem”. Furthermore, they say the revenue sharing program is “great move” that “should be an initiative that other titles consider moving forward”.

Rainbow Six: Siege has no shortage of fans, and esports is no different. And with new content in the form of new operators Iana and Oryx, it’s clear nothing is going to slow down for the game any time soon!

Featured image credit: Ubisoft