PlayStation Is Looking To Put Adverts In Games Later This Year

PlayStation is reportedly planning to put adverts in its games before the end of the year.

Recently, news that Xbox is looking into adding adverts to free-to-play games emerged. Now, it seems PlayStation is planning something similar.

The news emerged after a report by Advertising Insider, which stated Sony is looking into adding adverts to free-to-play games. They are reportedly planning to encourage game developers to add built-in monetisation methods which go beyond the standard microtransactions and battle passes we’ve all become used to.

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Credit: Rockstar

PlayStation adverts in games – What Are They?

Apparently, the adverts will be in the form of in-game ads. For example, they could be adverts on billboards or radio stations, like those fake ads in GTA but for real products. Sony will also supposedly reward players for sitting through them with exclusive in-game rewards.

Some gamers have already expressed concerns about this new kind of advertising. However, it’s ultimately up to the companies whether these ads will be included in games or not.

Microsoft has said it doesn’t plan to take a cut of revenue from these new ads, but we don’t know about Sony’s plans. However, Sony will apparently not work with companies that collect personal data.

These adverts in PlayStation games all sound a bit obnoxious to me, but what do you think? Let us know on social media.

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