Interview: Jesse Lingard Discusses New JLINGZ Halo Team With Latest Esports Push

In 2021, Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard decided to make the jump into esports with a Rainbow Six Siege team – now he’s expanding into the Halo scene.

We sat down with Jesse Lingard to discuss where his gaming passion originated from and why he thinks esports is the next big thing.

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Starting off nice and simple, what’s your favourite game of all time?

Of all time? I’d probably say Call of Duty. But now probably Halo as well. 

How did you get into esports?

Esports has always been something that I’ve been fond of. Obviously a lot of footballers game and I feel like the esports space at the minute is only growing. Especially in a few years, it’s only going to get bigger. I like to start new adventures and I thought that this is the perfect time for me to get into the space of esports as it’s growing and I’m a gamer myself.

What’s your favourite esports to watch?

I’d probably say Rainbow Six Siege. That was one of the first teams that I bought so I’ve been supporting them – and they’re doing well at the moment.

What makes esports more compelling to watch than traditional sport?

I think it’s because it’s very competitive. You have to work hard, focus, and dedicate yourself to being the best you can be. I think there’s similarities in that, but the competitive nature of it is something that I really like.

How would you say esports training compares to football?

Especially mentally, they’ve got to be on the limit. They’ve got to be focused on whatever tournament or competition they’re gonna be in, the same as us footballers. Like I say, practice as well – practice makes perfect.

Have you seen any success with your esports team so far?

Yeah! Poacher from my FIFA esports team – he’s just got through to the playoffs with Manchester United. That’s a huge step for him, and that only gives confidence for the other players to see where you can go. All of my teams work hard and Poacher deserves that.

What made you branch out to Halo?

I feel like Halo has always been one of the biggest action games over the recent years. I feel like now is the time to branch out into that. It’s always been one of the biggest games and I think the space there is perfect to get into.

Where do you see JLINGZ Halo Team going?

With the roster that we’ve got at the moment, we of course want to be challenging for titles and be at the top. We’re working hard for that – everyones concentrated and fully focused on being at the top. It might take one or two years but everyone’s gonna put their graft in to get there.

More footballers are starting esports teams, why do you think that is?

Like I say, we game quite a bit. Especially during lockdown, but I’ve also been gaming from a young age. It’s just the fact that we always game and the fact that esports is such a big space at the moment. That’s why I joined esports.

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Featured Image Credit: FragHero