How To Migrate GTA Online Character from PS4 to PS5 With Trophies

For hardcore GTA Online players, learning how to migrate a GTA Online character from PS4 to PS5 allows users to not miss out on those countless hours and criminal activity. Who wants to start again in a live service game after nearly ten years, anyway?

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How to migrate GTA online character

How To Migrate GTA Online Character from PS4 to PS5

Of course, this is only going to work if players are using the same PlayStation Network Profile and have played GTA Online before. If either of these requirements isn’t met, players won’t be able to follow these instructions on how to migrate GTA Online Characters from PS4 to PS5.

First, make sure the ‘Online’ tab is selected and select the ‘Migrate Profile’ option. This option will also display details such as general stats and the last login date. Once players have confirmed this is the right account, select it to start the migration.

What Do You Need To Know About Migrating?

The major point to make in this guide is that players won’t be able to use their migrated GTA Online character on their PlayStation 4 version of Grand Theft Auto V. We’re not sure why they would want to, but there we go.

Need some more trophies? No worries, all unlocked trophies from GTA Online on PlayStation 4 will populate once the migration is successful. Finally, there’s a black screen issue that’s currently plaguing some players when migrating a GTA Online character. Click here for our guide on fixing it and making sure your character isn’t wiped.


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