Fortnite’s New Balenciaga Collection Is Very Fashionable!

For those hoping to show off the hottest drip in battle royale, you’re in luck. Fortnite is getting fashionable with a new Balenciaga collection.

Fortnite is no stranger to collaborations with big brands. We’ve regularly covered the various pop-culture icons that have made their way to the island. In recent months we’ve seen Wonder Woman, Ariana Grande and Mike Lowry join in.

However, Fortnite has decided to take some real world inspiration with a collection of skins from fashion designers Balenciaga. But for those interested, there are some real-life counterparts out in the wild too, and they cost quite a bit.

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Get The Fortnite Drip

Fortnite announced the Balenciaga Fit Set this week, which arrives with apparel, free sprays, and a live “Fortography” campaign. The latest update will also feature a Strange Times Hub, which will allow you to show off your new digs.

All of the clothing and items within the game are based on the real-life fashion line. You can dress yourself up with some Fortnite/Balenciaga clothing, which includes, hats, hoodies, shirts, sunglasses, shoes and more. Sadly though, if you fancy any of the above, you’re going to need to dig deep into those pockets. The Fortnite Balenciaga collection features some unnerving high prices. A plain white hoodie that says “Fortnite” on it? Yeah that’ll be £550 please. A denim jacket with a Fortnite logo on the bag? Better start saving, cause that one’s more expensive than two PS5s.

Credit; Balenciaga/ Epic Games


Maybe it’s because I’m typing this up in a pair of old Champion joggers and a five-year-old t-shirt, but these asking prices are wild. But each to their own, and undoubtedly this will be another hit for Fortnite. Out of the 48 clothing items for sale, seven are already sold out. And they only launched today, so you better get in quick!

Credit: Epic Games

For those of you not willing to spend upwards of £300 on a baseball cap, the in-game items may be more within your budget. The outfits for the likes of Doggo and Banshee will cost you 1200 and 1500 V-Bucks, which you could pick up for around £20.

If you want to check out the Balenciaga collection, you can do so here.

Will you be getting fashionable in Fortnite? Or will you be taking your Balenciaga game to the next level with some real-world apparel? Let us know over on our social channel!

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Feature Image Credit: Epic Games