Everything New In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Fortnite Chapter 3 is now well under way after the weekend’s catastrophic event completely flipped the island over and uncovered a brand new map. With the world of Fortnite changing drastically once again, there are plenty of new additions for fans to get their heads around.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 – What’s New?

Of course, the biggest change of the lot is that the map is now totally different. Gone are the locations of Season 2, now replaced with a bunch of completely revamped locations to explore. There seems to be a big focus on this island having different biomes.

Credit: Epic Games

To the west is a wintry area, home to Greasy Grove and Logjam Lumberyard. Meanwhile, a tropical area lies to the east, home to the massive statue of the Foundation character. This is also where you’ll find the Daily Bugle offices, which you might recognise from Spider-Man. There’s a desert area to the South, too. Here you’ll find Chonker’s Speedway, Condo Canyon, and Butter Barn making a reappearance.

Credit: Epic Games

It wouldn’t be a new Fortnite season without new weapons, would it? You can now find the Ranger Assault Rifle and MK-Seven Assault Rifle in chests. These are both medium to long-range weapons. The MK-Seven is the more advanced version, hosting a red dot sight and a slightly faster rate of fire.

There’s a couple of shotguns arriving into the mix, too. The Striker Pump Shotgun fires a huge burst of pellets for maximum damage. Alternatively, there’s the Auto Shotgun which doesn’t deal quite as much damage, but fires two shots at once and reloads quite quickly.

Rounding off the new weapons are the Sidearm Pistol, Stinger SMG, and Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper. These operate exactly how you’d expect them to, although the Stinger SMG is touted to be quite capable at medium ranges – a neat surprise!

Credit: Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 – What Else Is New?

Beyond the obvious map changes, there are also significant updates to the gameplay. Tents are a new item that let players heal up and access items between matches. Simply place one of them down and players can use them to store excess items that they’ve picked up. They act as an item locker if you’ve ever played an MMO. Items can either be retrieved later in a match, or in an entirely different game.

Another new gameplay addition is the Victory Crown. You earn one of these by either winning or placing very highly in Solos or Duos. These crowns award you with bonus XP in subsequent matches, but there’s a catch – you’ll stand out much more to other players on the map.

Credit: Epic Games

If you’re looking to run away from said players, you’ll enjoy the new sliding manoeuvre mechanic. Just like in Apex Legends, if you press the crouch button while running downhill, you’ll enter a sliding state that lets you travel much more quickly. You can still fire and build while in this state, so it’s definitely worth getting the hang of!

Another new movement mechanic is on the way – from December 11th you’ll be able to find Spider-Man’s web-shooters in item drops. These will let you swing from structure to structure, just like in the comic books!

Quests have also seen a bit of an overhaul with this update. They’re no longer started from on the island itself. Instead, you can select which quest you’d like to complete from a new menu screen.

Credit: Epic Games

Lastly, there are a couple of new healing items that replenish health over time. Med-Mist can be sprayed on other players, while Guzzle Juice works as a standard consumable.

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[Featured Image Credit: Epic Games]