How to play apple music on Alexa

How To Play Apple Music On Alexa

If you have an Apple Music subscription you’ll want to learn how to play Apple Music on Alexa. Any Alexa enabled device can act as a speaker for your music, allowing you to blast the music you want to hear around the house, ad-free of course. Click here for more iOS, iPhone and Apple guides … Read more

ow to format SD Card on Mac

How To Format SD Card On Mac

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What Does SSD Stand For?

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How To Take A Screenshot On Android

How To Take A Screenshot On Android

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How To Clear Cache On Android

How To Clear Cache On Android

Learning how to clear cache on Android will help speed up your handset and overall browsing experience. When you are navigating between sites on your mobile device, you will end up filling up your cache with all sorts of information that will make browsing easier and quicker in the future. Find more tech guides here … Read more

best 3D printer

Best Resin 3D Printer – Budget Or Premium?

Finding the best resin 3D printer can be a challenge for new buyers just because of the amount of choice there is. Of course, there’s Anycubic and Elegoo, but there are more brands than ever before making 3D printing more accessible. Find more tech guides here It doesn’t matter if it’s a Hero Forge mini … Read more

How Long To Charge Ring Battery

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