how are video games good for you

6 Ways That Video Games Are Actually Good For You

Video games may be stigmatised as a hobby that’s detrimental to your health, but did you know that there are lots of ways in which video games are actually good for you?. Here are just a few ways in which they can enrich your life, rather than bring it down. Keep You Organised You might … Read more

Are Video Games Good For You?

Are Video Games Good For You?

Are video games good for you? Adults ask themselves questions like this when their kids pick up a hobby or they see a negative report in a newspaper. The thing is, gaming is just that, a hobby. In fact, many people enjoy successful careers thanks to being games enthusiasts. From developers to public relations, there … Read more

Gamer Brain - Is It Real?

Gamer Brain – Is It Real?

Gamer Brain is a term coined by Akio Mori, a Humanities and Sciences professor at Nihon University in Japan. He released a controversial book titled “The Fear of Game Brain” in 2002, which was a far cry from his background in founding and heading up the aforementioned scientific division. Pronounced “Game Nō no Kyōfu” in … Read more

Is Gaming a sport

Is Gaming A Sport? – Let’s Look At The Facts

Is Gaming a sport? It’s a valid question whilst trying to figure out how big million-pound prize pots and sold out arenas are compensated by competitive games of first-person shooters, fighters, and MOBA titles. Some people think it’s madness that this so much interest in gamers to the point where they’ll go to a venue … Read more

Kenobi Trailer Breakdown

Kenobi Trailer Breakdown – Here’s What You Missed

It finally happened, the Obi-Wan Kenobi trailer dropped for Star Wars fans old and new last night. There’s a lot to digest and most likely some things that viewers may have missed. We’ve put the latest reveal under the FragHero microscope to bring you our Obi-Wan Kenobi Trailer breakdown. For everything you need to know … Read more