Best position for Battlefield 4 timing?

Many gaming fans are questioning as to why DICE is making a new battlefield when many people are still enjoying battlefield 3 and questioing to if the company will upkeep servers and updates, in reply DICE said Tornay also pledged DICE’s continued upkeep of BF3′s servers and support, saying, “Starting work on BF4 doesn’t mean … Read more

EA respond to why there’s no battlefield bad company 3

Ea has responded to the concerns relating the bad company franchise, stating they are still very proud of their bad company sales and the bad company brand. Many people were angered that the company was proud about the bad company franchise but stopped it to make the battlefield games, many people did like some of … Read more

Access to Battlefield 4 beta without Medal of Honor: War fighter pre-order

EA surprised us all by revealed Battlefield 4 in Medal of Honor war fighter. If you already Pre-order your Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition , you will have access to  Battlefield 4 beta. Unfortunately, that is not the case,DICE is now confirmed there will be another ways to play  Battlefield 4 beta  without  pre-ordering Medal of Honor War Fighter. “There will be … Read more