The GTA Trilogy Is Missing Some Of Its Original Soundtrack

We now have a full list of the soundtracks in the remastered GTA trilogy, and some of the original songs are missing. Rockstar has officially revealed the soundtracks for each game in their upcoming release, Grand Theft Auto: the Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. A lot of the original tracks are still intact, but some … Read more

Rockstar Job Listing Could Hint At Possible International GTA 6 Location

A user on the GTA 6 subreddit (yes, that’s already a thing) has uncovered a possible hint at the next GTA game’s location. Rockstar Toronto is hiring for the position of “Photogrammetry Artist”, which involves scanning real-life objects and textures to transfer them to 3D models in-game. It also involves scanning environments through the use … Read more

GTA Online Halloween Event Adds Slashers And Flaming Ghost Cars

This Halloween, Rockstar is making sure GTA Online players stay on their toes on the streets of Los Santos. A new Halloween update has added some spooky new threats in the world of GTA Online. The first of which is the inclusion of “slashers”, NPCs that will stalk players in an attempt to kill them. … Read more