Ninja Rebrand

Ninja Announces Rebrand As Fans Tear New Logo To Shreds

Ninja has announced a full rebrand of his streaming materials, and fans are tearing them all to shreds. When it comes to streamers, they don’t get much bigger than Ninja. After quickly rising to fame during the Fortnite era, he has since settled on Twitch as his streaming platform of choice. This was after a … Read more

Ninja Responds To The Divisive Fortnite No Build Mode

Ninja has responded to the new Fortnite No Build update, which added a mode where players can’t use the building feature. Ninja has been known for his Fortnite gameplay for a while. As the game rose in popularity, so did the streamer, and he’s still playing it today. However, a recent update which removed the … Read more

Ninja Threatens Legal Action Against Pokimane Over Hate Raid Accusations

Ninja has threatened legal action against Pokimane after she accused him of helping someone hate raid her. Popular streamers Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins have been going at it after the latter was accused of helping a streamer called “Jideon” hate raid Pokimane. Jideon was banned for the raid, which took place on … Read more